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About Sales Tax Calculator

What is a Sales Tax?

A sales tax is a tax that is paid to the government for the sales of goods and services. It is a consumption tax.

The law can permit sellers to collect tax from consumers at the point of purchase. The seller can then remit this tax to the government.

Types of Sales Tax

  • Retail Transaction Taxes: This type of sales tax involves adding a percentage to the price of goods. The seller collects and remits to the government.
  • Vendor Privilege Taxes: This type of sales tax is more like licensing tax, it is usually imposed on retailers by the government.
  • Consumer Excise Taxes: This type of sales tax is charged on goods that are harmful to health. Examples of such goods are tobacco and alcohol.

How is Sales tax calculated?

Sales Tax = Net Price × Sales Tax Rate/100

How to use Sales Tax Calculator

Pick any of tax exclusive or tax inclusive.

Tax exclusive means that the amount you input does not include tax already. Tax inclusive means that the amount you inputted is the final amount with tax.

Then input the amount and the % of sales tax rate. Then click on calculate.


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