Paypal Fee Calculator

Quickly use this online Paypal Fee Calculator to calculate different PayPal fee. It is 100% free to use.


About Paypal Fee Calculator

Paypal Fee Calculator helps to calculate the fees paid by the merchant or buyer on PayPal. This also includes fees paid by the sender or receiver. It is a free tool to use.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most popular digital payment platforms that allows users to send and receive money online. It has over 200 million active users. PayPal has been operational since December of 1998 and is available in over 200 countries.

How to use Paypal Fee Calculator

Using the tool is very easy. Simply input the amount of money involved and select the fee rate that applies. Then click on calculate and you will see the result instantly.

For example, if you want to calculate PayPal free for $1000. And the rate structure that applies is 4.4% + $.30 (via online transaction)

Simply input $1000. Then select the fee structure. The answer will be exactly like the one below:

Total fees: $44.3. You will receive: $955.70 If you invoice for $1000. $1,044.30: You should ask for If you need $1000

Advantages of using Paypal Fee Calculator 

  • Saves time. Manual calculations will take longer.
  • Error-free calculation.
  • Automatic calculation.
  • Instant result.
  • Free to use
  • No registration required


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