Length Converter

100% free length converter tool. Convert from one length unit to over 10 units instantly.

About Length Converter

Length Converter provides instant conversion from one unit to another. You can see the value of a unit in 10+ length units with just a click.

This tool can be helpful to students and professionals who need to do a length unit conversion.

How to use Length Converter

Simply type or copy and paste the value that you need to convert to other length units. Then select the unit and click on calculate.

For example, if you need to convert 1000 meters to kilometers, you will input:


Then click on calculate. The result will be:

Meter to Meter 1000
Meter to Kilometer 1
Meter to Centimeter 100000
Meter to Millimeter 1000000
Meter to Micrometer 1000000000
Meter to Nanometer 1000000000000
Meter to Mile 0.62136887563302
Meter to Yard 1093.6132983377
Meter to Foot 3280.8398950131
Meter to Inch 39370.078740157
Meter to Light year 1.0570087076377E-13

You will see the value of 1000 meters in kilometers plus 10 other length units.

The advantages of using Length Converter

  • Instant result.
  • Get results in over 10 different length units.
  • Save time. Manual conversion will take more time.
  • Error-free results.
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