JSON Validator

100% free online JSON Validator. Copy and paste your JSON data to validate them. This tool is useful to developers, data enthusiasts and more.

About JSON Validator

JSON Validator is a free tool that can help web developers, data scientists and anyone validate their JSON data. This tool is seamless and easy to use. Just copy and paste your JSON data and start validating.

How to use JSON Validator

Using this tool is very easy. Simply input the JSON data that you want to validate inside the box and click on validate. The tool will automatically run a check and you will get the result.

For example, if you need to validate the JSON date below:

    "random": "4",
    "random float": "5.39",
    "bool": "false",
    "date": "2000-01-08",
    "regEx": "helloooooooooooooooooooooooo to you",
    "enum": "json",
    "firstname": "Edee",
    "lastname": "Trace",
    "city": "Virginia Beach",
    "country": "Cameroon",
    "countryCode": "DZ",
    "email uses current data": "[email protected]",
    "email from expression": "[email protected]",
    "array": [
    "array of objects": [
            "index": "0",
            "index start at 5": "5"
            "index": "1",
            "index start at 5": "6"
            "index": "2",
            "index start at 5": "7"
    "Benita": {
        "age": "40"

Simply input it into the box and click on validate. You will immediately get a JSON is valid! or JSON is not valid! The response is above the box. For the above, you will get the following:

JSON is valid!

Advantages JSON Validator

  • Saves time by automatically validating your JSON data.
  • You can edit or adjust your JSON data.
  • A free tool.
  • Error-free validations
  • This tool is accessible anytime from anywhere.



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