IP Address Lookup

Quickly lookup any IP Address with just a click, get location data and a map direction.

About IP Address Lookup

IP Address Lookup tool helps to find location information on any IP address. The search is fast and instant. 

How to use IP Address Lookup

To use this tool, simply input the IP address that you want information on, then click on 'Lookup". 

You will immediately see the following information:

Map: A map showing the possible location of the IP

IP Address: The same IP Address you inputted

Location: The country and region of the IP

Region: The state of the IP

City: The city of the IP

Latitude: The latitude estimate of the IP location

Longitude: The longitude estimate of the IP location

Time zone: The timezone of the user of the IP

Currency code: The currency code of the location of the IP

Zip: The Zip of the IP's location

ISP: The internet service provider the owner of the IP is using.


Please note that you will not find personal information such as the name, email, or phone number of the IP's user with this tool. And you will also not be getting the exact address of the user.

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