Currency Converter

Quickly convert a currency and see how much it is worth in 30+ currencies

About Currency Converter

Currency Converter helps to see the worth of an amount of any currency in other currencies. This can be helpful for travelers, importers/exporters, or anyone shopping online in a different currency.

How to use Currency Converter

To use this tool, simply input the amount of money you want to convert, select the currency of the money and then click on convert.

You will see the value of that particular amount in over 30 other currencies.

For example, if you want to see how much $100 is worth in euros. Simply input 100, then select 'USD- US Dollar" and click convert. You will immediately see the worth of $100 in euros and other currencies too.

Why do you need a currency converter?

  • For travelers who need to know how much of their currency will be sufficient in another country with a different currency.

  • For importers or exporters who need to calculate the value of goods/services in other currencies.

  • Online shoppers who need to know how much of their currency will be required to shop in an online shop with a different currency.

  • For research purposes.


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