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About Average Calculator

The Average Calculator helps calculate the average of numbers automatically. Simply input a set of numerical data and get a detailed average report instantly.

What is average?

The word average is often used to describe something that is typical or common. However, the true definition of average is a number that represents the middle value in a set of data. To find the average, add all of the numbers together and then divide by the number of items in the set. This can be useful when trying to determine things like how much money someone spends in a week or how many hours they sleep each night.

How to calculate average

The formula for calculating average is:

Average = Sum/Count

How to use the Average Calculator

To use this tool, simply input the set of numerical data that you want to calculate the average. Then click o calculate.

For example, if you need to calculate the average of:

100, 200, 500, 150

Simply input them into the box and click on calculate. The results will appear like the one below:

Average Value


Arithmetic: 237.5
Geometric: 196.7990
Harmonic: 169.0141
Sum 950
Count 4
Median 175
Geometric Mean 196.7990
Largest 500
Smallest 100
Range 400

Average Value: The average of the numerical data that you inputted.

Arithmetic: The Arithmetic calculation of the numbers you inputted.

Geometric: The Geometric calculation of the numbers that you inputted.

Harmonic: The Harmonic calculation of the numerical data that you inputted.

Sum: The number derived from the addition of all the numbers that you inputted.

Count: The total numbers that you inputted.

Median: The middle number for odd numbers. For even numbers, it is the average of the two middle numbers.

Geometric Mean: The value of the geometric mean calculation of numbers that you inputted. 

Largest: The highest value number that you inputted.

Smallest: The lowest value number that you inputted.

Range: The range of the numbers you inputted.


Advantages of using Average Calculator

  • Saves time. A manual calculation will take a lot of time.
  • Error-free calculation.
  • Comprehensive result.


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