2024 में खरीदने और धारण करने के लिए नए आशाजनक क्रिप्टो

निवेश करने के लिए नए क्रिप्टो के बारे में सोच रहे हैं? यहां निवेश करने और बेहतर रिटर्न के लिए होल्ड करने के लिए सबसे आशाजनक नए क्रिप्टो हैं

When bitcoin made a big break and became a big deal, a lot of people had many regrets. Many regretted because they knew about bitcoin when it was barely worth anything but refused to invest.

While those who joined when Bitcoin hit over $10,000 still made a profit, the real bitcoin millionaires are those who invested when it was not worth up to $1.

Singer Lily Allen was offered hundreds of thousands of bitcoins to perform online in 2009, she refused. Today, she would have been a billionaire.

2009 में, एक man bought $27 of bitcoin and forgot about it. By 2013, when he remembered, it was worth $886, 000. Bitcoin has made many people millionaires. 

The common secret among all was investing early when it was almost worth nothing and holding onto their investment until it became a big deal. There have been those who were not patient and sold off their coins. 

While bitcoin is now worth up to $50,000, there are new क्रिप्टोकरेंसीs newbies can invest in, hold onto it, and if it eventually becomes big, they too can become a massive success.

Here are some carefully, selected new cryptos that people can invest in now and hold hoping it turns out good

नोट: Investing in cryptocurrency is a risky investment. You can lose money. Only invest money you can afford to lose. Most of these new cryptos are very cheap, For a few dollars, you can get millions of units.

New promising cryptos to buy and hold

नामAssociated productमूल्य वेबसाइटटिप्पणी
शीबा इनु (SHIB)ShibaSwap (in development)$0.00001599
shibatoken.comVery large excited community, charity donations.
Salary (SLR)Passive income in USDT for holders$0.5642salaryeco.ioConsistent payout to holders
HBARहेडेरा हैशग्राफ$0.2945हेडेरा.कॉमHashgraph could be revolutionary, backed by Google, IBM, BOEING, LG, Standard bank and more
सेफमूनSafeMoon Exchange, video game (in development)$0.000008583safemoon.netLarge excited community, possible collaboration with an African country
सतना (सैट)NFT Marketplace (in development)$0.00000006saturna.coFast growing excited community
बहुभुज (MATIC)एथेरियम स्केलिंग प्लेटफॉर्म$2.48polygon.techके जरिएConsistent price growth
Ethermon (EMON)Decentralized game$0.401ethermon.ioFast growing excited community
बिटटोरेंट (BTT)P2P file sharing and torrent platform$0.005423bittorrent.comHuge torrent community
थीटा ईंधन (TFUEL)Video and data delivery$0.3276thetatoken.orgLarge excited communities and influencers
Shiba Corp (BSHIBA)NFT market place (in development)$0.0000000101shibacorp.orgबढ़ता हुआ समुदाय
  • Prices are correct as of 18th of May 2021 based on CoinMarketCap और CoinGecko
  • This list is subject to regular update based on perception and market signals
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